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Sep 22, 2010 · I will have much more to say about “the commons” – both material and non-material – as this series of essays progresses. (The concept, “good for each, bad for all,” is elaborated more extensively in the chapter with that title in my Conscience of a Progressive). The Liberal Alternative to Social Atomism: The Moral Point of View.

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The people there smile, they look absolutely normal and live within the existing system of values. They live just like the majority of Asians do – they have a goal and they work to achieve it,” Philip Milosavljevic concluded. 2020-12-23 12:35:34 Dear All IIUM Community, KHATIB THIS WEEK – 25th DECEMBER 2020 (FRIDAY) SULTAN HAJI AHM...

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Myth and Moral Philosophy Published in Thinking Through Myths: Philosophical Perspectives, ed. Kevin Schilbrack (London and New York: Routledge, 2002) The biggest myth in moral philosophy is arguably the biblical myth of the Fall. I mean biggest in the sense of most influential.

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Globalization and modernization have obliged some kiai to innovate and incorporate modern education into their pesantren. While the demand for moral and religious teachings is increasing as a result of Islamization, pesantren are often criticized for not providing employment skills and social problem-solving capacities among their students. Discussion 1 How does mythology continue to have an impact on modern society? Do myths continue to have value and provide moral lessons? Discuss why or why not using examples. In what ways do myths continue to influence modern popular culture? Do these myths plays the same role in life today that they did in ancient times? Give examples.

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Also I have decided that each book of stories in the novel set, and perhaps even each story, will be introduced with a short section of verse from a long poem about Alternaeus, which, when taken altogether will be a sort of Summary in Verse (Summa Versa, or Summa Esse) of all of Alternaeus’ adventures and will contain, encoded in the verse ...