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Once hailed as “the most powerful handgun in the world” by a certain fictional detective, the .44 Remington Magnum has long since given up that title… indeed, it lost that title within just a few years to the .454 Casull. Mar 29, 2019 · In the past 2 years I switched to Bullseye for my 45acp loads (much cleaner and still very accurate!) and 2400 on my magnum calibers for moderate practice/plinking loads and hot ones. I used to use H110 for my magnums but I don't like how you have to be at or slightly above max to get the best performance.

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Most popular ammunition for the .44 Mag. will use bullet weights between 180 grains and 300 grains, with some offerings both above and below those weights. Being one of our most popular revolver cartridges, there are some fantastic bullet choices for the .44 Mag., for plinking, hunting, and for self-defense alike.Nov 05, 2018 · W231 or bullseye is what I'd use if you're wanting good plinking loads. If you're wanting heavy loads for hunting I'd go with H110. Once youve picked a powder look at the load data and start loading. I start at the bottom and go up. That way you'll find what your gun likes. Rarely will you find 2 guns that shoot exactly the same. Lots of fun for the pistol shooter. The .44 Gallery Resetting Target will work for .38 to .44 magnum caliber pistols and has 3 3/4" paddles for non-stop plinking excitement. Dimensions: 26" total height. 20" bottom to target bar. 10 3/4" total width. $86.99.

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That versatility increases dramatically if you reload, and with .357 magnum, that's pretty easy to do. You can reload extra light and gentle.38spl plinking rounds very inexpensively using lead bullets. Like 1000 rounds for under $100, pretty easily. That's cheap plinking. If you get into casting your own bullets, then it gets even cheaper.

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44 mag rifle lever or auto? - Debating between a Henry, older marlin, or older ruger carbine. Can't decide.

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Jan 28, 2014 · Well with my 357 mass loading out of the way I am on to my 44 mag brass collection. Using Berrys Bullets I landed at 22gr of H110 for the best accuracy out of my Anaconda, but it was a bit peppy and I plan on bringing the jacketed plinking load down to 21 grains, and loading at 22gr for hunting rounds (XTP).